Resources Along the Cedar Valley Trails

Blog Trail Resources family bikingNo matter how you connect with the Cedar Valley Trails, whether for hiking, biking or commuting, we have resources to help you along your way.

The Cedar Valley Trails is a series of small and large loops, each with their own mileage. So, it’s easy to calculate your miles for a lunchtime stroll, an after-work workout or a weekend bike ride. Stop by our visitor center on Hudson Road and pick up a trail guide (it also includes a map of our water trails).

These might look familiar. Our trail system is dotted with over 70 Prairie Pathways Signs to help you get to know Cedar Falls with historic photos and information.
Blog Trail Resources Prairie Pathways

Blog Trail Resources bike repair stationHave you seen the public bike repair stations? We now have four repair stations located throughout the city and they’re conveniently located adjacent the trail as well as parking lots. They’re located at the Cedar Falls Public Library, Prairie Lakes, Gateway Park and Pfeiffer Park. We also have three public water fountains with pet waterers located in Washington Park, Lookout Park and Pfeiffer Park.

You may have seen one of these on the trail adjacent Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Fitness Zones are located at this location and on the Prairie Lakes Loop. They make your hike or bike ride a full workout by offering you a place to do pull-ups, steps and other exercises.

For the safety of others and for your own safety, be aware of your surroundings and always follow the rules of the trail. If an accident should occur, emergency signage is posted along the trail so that emergency services can be directed to your location. Members of our Trail Patrol are also on the trails. They are trail ambassadors, providing location information and basic mechanical and first aid assistance to riders and hikers.
Blog Trail Resources emergency location trail-marker
Blog Trail Resources trail patrolNeed more information? Here are a few local resources:
Cedar Trails Partnership
Bike Tech
Europa Cycle & Ski
The Runner’s Flat
Cedar Falls Visitor Center


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