Things to See: Cedar Valley Soccer Moonlight Classic

Maybe you like soccer…maybe you like being outside…maybe you like the nighttime…

Well if you like all 3 of these I have found the PERFECT weekend event for you! This Saturday and Sunday the Cedar Valley Soccer Association will be hosting their 11th annual Moonlight Classic Tournament.  The tournament will start on Saturday at 1pm with games concluding around 2am (Yes, that’s right 2am!) and games will start Sunday around 9am and conclude by 5pm. Now you might think these hours are a little strange, but that is the point!  The concept behind the Moonlight Classic is to give every athlete the chance to play their sport under the big lights…a pretty awesome concept I think.  It also gives fans and spectators a chance to enjoy the sport they love so much in a setting that they may not usually get to experience it in, I mean who doesn’t love a Iowa June night?

The Moonlight Classic will feature approximately 1700 athletes from Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa of course.  The tournament will be held at the Cedar Valley Youth Soccer Complex, is free, and a concession stand will be open with specialty items such as pulled pork sandwiches sponsored by Tyson, Inc.  If you are coming from the Western home or might not be able to walk long distances shuttles will be provided to help transport spectators and fans from the parking lot to the venue.  The event is still in need of some volunteers so if you would like to help out in that respect check out the Cedar Valley Soccer Association website.

Speaking from a former club athlete I loved participating in competitions like this, however these events always seem to lack a spectator section.  Want to enjoy your night and spread some joy to hard-working, talented, young athletes…well head over to the Moonlight Classic this Saturday and Sunday!

Written by Chelsea Hartman


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